Product Care

All items listed here are made of, or contain, components of polymer clay. 
This is an hardening modeling clay that cures when baked in the oven at low temperatures. 
I thrive to make all pieces as durable as possible, however, due to the nature of the medium, you may see slight differences either in texture or the color of the clay comparing to the ones in the photographs. Please keep in mind that polymer clay is light and bendy, however, I would advise for the pieces to be handled with care since the clay may snap under stress. 
Please avoid submerging any items on water since it will reduce the longevity of the piece.
If you need to clean any of the items, please use a bit of rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad. 
I would advise to keep your items in the cotton pouch provided. 
To guarentee your safety and wellbeing, all items are cleaned with desinfecting solution (surgical spirits) and handled with gloves.