About Me



My name is Inéz, I'm originally from Portugal, living in Dublin for the past 5 years now. 

I started to create jewellery in polymer clay back in 2007 after a friend in middle school introduced me to jewellery making and all it's wonderful mediums. I always enjoyed to venture in DIY projects (RIP to all my ripped tshirts and jeans!), but jewellery is, by far, my personal favourite. In 2019, I wanted to bring back this hobbie into my life and share it with the world!

I create all the pieces listed here from start to finish, all of them are one of a kind and I'm happy to take requests for bespoke items, so feel free to get in touch! I work in small batches which means that I only use a small amount of clay and none of the leftovers are thrown away, everything get's recycled and reporpursed, thus creating a sustainable alternative to mass produced accessories.

Jewellery makes the most perfect gift as well and I'm happy to write a card or add any special extra touches to your order.